How Do We Seek His Throne?


Ask for guidance in every part of your life.

We can do this in quiet prayer in the morning and before we close our eyes in sleep at night. During the day I pray doing dishes and always before meals and throughout the day as God’s Spirit moves me to pray for others.

I believe that the lost soul (sheep) Jesus talked about going after and when found, rejoicing over more than the other ninety-nine already saved, is who we should be going after with our prayers and fellowship. This is not an easy thing to do, praying for the drunkard and the smelly homeless man you see on the street, at least in the beginning it wasn’t for me, but I remember that God loves them very much. I also know that someone prayed for me before I came to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Mat18:11,12-14.


How do we know His will unless we learn about HIM. On the pages of the Bible, God speaks to our heart and spirit about Himself, His Holy Spirit and His Son Jesus Christ our Savior. He opens our mind that we may learn what He wants us to know. How else will we learn of His will for us?

I personally believe that I should read God’s Word without ceasing. I read my Bible every day of the week except the Sabbath. There are times when I miss it for a day or two because things happen in my life but these are infrequent and I’m always hungry to get back to my Lord’s word.


We are to fellowship with God and other Christians. Whether in a church, house or
some other type of gathering. How else can we support and comfort each other in
our trials and tribulations?     1John 1:3, 7 … Ephesians 2:19, 3:9 … Acts 2:42 … 1Corinthians 1:9 … Luke 15:7,10.

I personally believe I should talk to everyone, and especially the stranger. My
Bible tells me time is growing late for us. I should tell them God loves each one and about the salvation His Son purchased for them.

I believe that no matter what I read or which preacher or pastor I listen to, it has to be filtered through the Bible.

Read your Bible and learn for yourself what the Lord says. No one will ever confuse you or mislead you if you know what your scriptures say.

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