Writing For the Lord


Has The Lord Almighty called me to write for Him? Really called me to be one of His Christian authors?

I have asked myself this many times and asked my God Yahweh, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as least as many. When I search earnestly for an answer, I come back to two incidents that happened around the years 1999 and 2000.

I didn’t think much about the first incident. A friend of mine, Betty, asked me to go with her to a thrift store in a town thirty miles away and I did. When we went into the old, big, warehouse style building and I got a look around, I felt overcome with all the stuff lying in sorting piles. It looked as if someone moved from one mound of clothing to the other, expending some energy on sorting each but never completing any one of them.

Betty introduced me to the owner who talked with me a few minutes. She brought up this book she had written and meeting someone who’s authored a book evoked several questions from me. She informed me she’d had it printed herself, and as we continued to talk she reached in back of the counter and pulled out a slim volume I believe was entitled, “God Talked to Me.” I took the book she offered and looked around the place some more.

When we left that day, the strongest impression in my memory was her handing out bread stuffs to women who came there for free food and clothes they couldn’t afford to buy anywhere else. She told me she picked the provisions up and passed them out each week. It wasn’t hard for me to believe the Lord had spoken to her; she labored to keep her business going and still had time to provide for others not as fortunate as herself.

I brought the book home and stuck it somewhere and haven’t been able to find it in the last few years. I was very impressed with meeting her though, and told my husband first thing, “I met an author.”

The second thing that happened to me was about two years later. I had a dream one night, and the next morning I told my husband about it. “What do you think it means, honey?” I asked. We didn’t come to any conclusions about it although we did discuss some possibilities.

I started this blog in September, and now, three months later, God spoke to my heart, telling me to write my dream down and then put it on a separate author’s page, something I hadn’t planned to do until at least I was published. I had felt the urge to tell my dream on my ACFW group once, during a thread on dreams. I even wrote part of it down, and it’s still in my draft folder. I didn’t have the courage to send it. I’m a ‘newbie’ and what do we newbie’s know compared to proven authors. Besides — what if it was just a dream and God didn’t send it to me.

This time though, I was making the bed, my mind on other things and certainly not writing this and putting it on my blog. But, the Lord has a way of speaking to us, His children, and He spoke to me. So strong and forceful I blurted out “All right God. I’ll write it soon as I can.” Needless to say I dragged my feet for a while longer and then He revisited this subject with me. I affirmed “OK” in my spirit and am now writing about my dream.

I was in a large room and I had the impression it was round, although it may have been square or rectangular. There were many people standing on the outskirts of the room, me included, gathered to watch and hear what this famous writer had to say. After a few minutes a man in a suit came over and leaned down while the writer spoke to him.

This man straightened up and left the writer’s table.  He came toward us who were standing on the sidelines. He came toward me and I moved out of his way, not wanting to slow him down in the search for the important person he was looking for. The man changed direction and came toward where I was standing again, and I moved aside quickly, not wanting to be in his way. He changed direction one more time and came directly to me; indicating I should follow him. He led me to the center of the room where he had me take a seat at the table with this important writer.

There may have been one or two more at the table, but it was a vague impression, really, so much so it didn’t register in my dream if they were men or women. This important writer was a man, though, and that was very evident, sitting at a round table with the whitest table cloth on it. There were other occupied tables spread out across the room and further out from him, his being the central table and facing out toward theirs. That’s where the dream ended – with me sitting at this famous writer’s table.

About two years later I wrote my first paragraph and it was awful, compared to what I write now. In the beginning I was frustrated. I wanted to write for the Lord but I didn’t have any of the skills necessary to do it. And, I didn’t know if He wanted me to be a writer but I kept trying. I’d cry, pray, get up and walk away and then I’d remember the dream. I finally came to the conclusion maybe the God of our universe, my Father, had already answered all my questions and doubts with a dream.

If I’m supposed to be a writer for Him, then this dream will have come true. If I’m not, then I won’t and that’s the way it will be.

It’s my prayer that the Lord’s will be done with me, in my life, as it is on all this earth and in heaven.

3 thoughts on “Writing For the Lord

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  2. How awesome, Pat. I can’t wait to see what God does.

    As I’ve told you before, you have a unique gift. Always remember that.

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