They say salvation is of the Jews. John 4:22 They’re right. Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ was born a Jew. Matt 27:37

OK, so we know who our Savior is. That He was born a Jew, from the tribe of Judah. But, what about salvation?

I’ve asked this question. “Have you led anyone to Jesus lately?” Today I ask the question, “If not, why not?”

How do we lead someone to Him if the Holy Spirit has called their name, and put them in our path?

Many Christians aren’t soul-savers, but this isn’t by choice. They want to be. Many just don’t know how to go about it—what to do. The one thing that may get in their way is embarrassment. Yes, I said embarrassment. This may be hard to believe but it has truth.

It’s difficult to ask someone “Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?”

Oh, My! What if they say “Mind your own business”?  What if they laugh at you and point their finger? This is when you have to trust the Lord. That He didn’t send you to be ridiculed, but that He may want you to do this exact thing. Or, maybe He wants you to plant a seed and have someone else bring it to fruition. Maybe you will introduce the subject of salvation, and the next Christian will kneel with them while they give their life to Jesus.

What if you don’t take this person to the Lord? Or, plant that seed? He will always provide someone else for them, but look at what you will have missed. Not knowing the joy and wonder of completing an assignment for the Lord.

I ask you, isn’t it worth stepping out in faith to help someone be saved from destruction, on the day of the Lord? When he shall set us sheep on His right side and the goats (unsaved) on His left?  Matt 25:33

How do you go about leading another person to the Lord? Well, this is what I do.

First, I pray before asking the person I’m talking to if they’ve been saved. If their answer is “No”, I ask, “Do you want to know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior?”

If they should say “No”, I tell them Jesus loves them and wants them to have a pardon and eternal life with Him. If there’s no positive response I stop there, making a mental note to stay in contact with them. This may be an introduction to salvation, where at another time I can approach them again.

If I determine the person is ready to receive the Lord, I simply ask, “Do you want to do this now?”

If the answer is “Yes”, I start the process of taking this person through the steps that will guarantee them eternal life with our Lord and Savior. It’s evident at this time that the Holy Spirit has drawn them to Jesus. John 6:44 If it’s possible, I kneel with them (I’m partial to kneeling, although I’ve taken a few through the sinner’s prayer in other places). It’s good to open with prayer and ask His hand upon the two of you as you lead this wise individual to the Lord. You may also have other requests for the Lord, specific to this person.

I ask “Do you believe Jesus Christ is the son of God?” John 20:31 Wait for an answer after each question. If at any time the answer is “No”, then it’s time to discuss the Scriptures. “Do you believe Jesus was born of a virgin?” Luke 1:27-32  “That the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary, His mother, and that God is His father?” Luke 1:34-35 “Do you believe He was crucified on the cross (John 19:23-33) for our sins and on the third day was resurrected?” John 20:1-17

If the person says “Yes” to all my questions I lead them through this prayer. “Jesus Christ I believe You are the son of God, born of a virgin. That You died on the cross for my sins and after three days were resurrected from the dead and now sit on the right side of God, Your Father. Please come into my heart, be my Savior, and cleanse me from all my sins.”

Here is what you, and the person you’re leading to Jesus, don’t have to do for salvation—that in fact you cannot do for salvation. You don’t have to earn it. You don’t have to act so good that it’ll be given to you, or if you fail taken from you. And finally, you don’t have to find someone else to get your salvation, or intercede for you, with God.

All you have to do is follow the steps above and Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for you, will come into your heart and bring you salvation. Then the Holy Spirit will come to reside in you and clean you up from inside out. You just need to remember you’re a sinner and when you realize you’ve committed a sin, ask forgiveness. He will do that if you ask. That’s the most incredible thing, now isn’t it? He died on the cross that we might live. If we accept his pardon, He will graciously forgive our sins and one day we’ll spend eternity with Him.

We live in perilous times. There is soon coming a day when many will want to know about the Lord our God, and there will be plenty of work to do. We must know how to lead a child of God to salvation. Their eternal soul depends on it.